Competency-based degree program highlighted by Inside INdiana Business Television

The Purdue Polytechnic Institute's new transdisciplinary studies in technology program, the University's first competency-based degree, was featured on Inside INdiana Business Television this week.

Jeff Evans and Gerry Dick on Inside Indiana Business Television"Competency-based education essentially means that students will be assessed based on what they can do with what they know, rather than just relying on tests and grades," said Jeff Evans, interim associate dean for undergraduate programs.

Gerry Dick, host of Inside INdiana Business, noted that "typically we hear about competency-based education in settings for older, nontraditional students" and asked Evans how transdisciplinary studies in technology will work at a research university.

"It's focused on the traditional, residential student," which is unusual as compared to many of the country's other competency-based programs, Evans said. "With a faculty mentor and academic advisor, students will create their own plan of study." He also discussed how the new degree program is meant to align what's being taught at the college level with the needs of today's employers.

Watch the broadcast here.


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