Computer graphics alumni work on nominated films

Three alumni of Purdue Polytechnic’s computer graphics program are seeing their film work being honored across several awards programs this spring*.

All three worked on films that are nominated for Academy Awards February 26. Kaileen Kraemer '13 and Norman Joseph '11 were part of the crews for two Best Animated Feature Film nominees. Kraemer was an animator on “Zootopia” and worked on visual effects for “Moana.” Joseph was a technical director for each; he worked on crowds for “Zootopia” and visual effects for “Moana.” “Zootopia” already won the Golden Globe for Best Feature Film - Animated.

Andrew Kennedy '12 worked on two films that are nominated for Best Achievement in Visual Effects. He was a visual effects artist for “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” and a pipeline technical director for “Doctor Strange.”

See all awards and nominations for “Moana,” “Zootopia,” “Rogue One” and “Doctor Strange.”

*The list of crew members may not include all Purdue alumni who worked on the films.