Defining Moment #5: Bateman creates scholarship for returning students

Return to "Defining Moments" main page. Paul Bateman looks to his parents and his Purdue education as the main reasons he financially supports his alma mater. "My father valued education very highly, especially what Purdue gave to him and the opportunities he had," Bateman said. "That's what drove it for me." Bateman, who graduated from the aviation maintenance program in 1981, recently set up a scholarship for sophomore, junior or senior students in the aeronautical engineering technology program (AET). “Traditional scholarships usually end up being for freshmen,” Bateman said. “I was interested in centering this scholarship for those who have shown that they can excel after their freshmen year.” Bateman sees the scholarship as another way to honor his father, who also helped his grandchildren with college expenses. “That made it easier on my kids and me,” Bateman said. “I wanted to take the next step and help somebody else out. I did great by Purdue, and I hope other people can do the same and receive benefits from it.” Bateman has worked for Boeing Company since he graduated from Purdue. All of his positions have been related to customer support, from maintenance engineering to new airplane programs to his current position as senior manager of product development services and support. Thirty years into his professional life, Bateman still finds his Purdue education relevant. “It definitely prepared me for my initial positions within Boeing Company,” he said. “Even now I use things I learned back then. Being in and around a maintenance organization has been very applicable.” He hopes his new scholarship fund will help other students reach their educational goals at Purdue. “Education is the foundation for your future. Where else is there to get a great one but Purdue?” he asks. (Top photo: Paul Bateman, right, attends a Purdue football game with his daughter and prospective student, Alexis.)