From the director's chair (March 2013)

As I was walking this noon for lunch, the temperature was roughly 28 degrees with a brisk west to east wind. Even though I had my gloves on and my coat collar up, it didn’t seem as cold to me as the temperature might suggest. Perhaps it was the sun beating down or perhaps it was the budding of the tree I walked by, but in the end it felt like spring was right around the corner.

For those graduating with their master’s degrees, this is a time of magnificently mixed feelings. On the one hand there is great excitement, anticipation and energy in knowing the long road has come to an end; that those who are graduating are about to have a master’s degree from one of the top-rated learning institutions in the world; 57th in the world as of the last ranking. On the other hand there is the great uncertainty. We don’t know what exactly lies in front of us, but we know what we have accomplished will certainly pave our path and have an ever-changing impact on our futures.

I remember all of this clearly, as though it were only yesterday. Excitement, anticipation, a little anxiety and yes a tad bit of fear. Change is not easy. Taking that first step toward something can be hard, as we all know. I have talked with hundreds of new graduates from our many professional programs. They all say essentially the same things, beginning with how much work it was yet how fast it really did seem to go. In the final analysis, however, they all say not only how glad they are to be done, but also how much they look forward to what their future will bring. All of the late nights working on papers and projects seem somehow worth it as they stand at the precipice of a brighter future.

Data clearly reflects the more we learn the greater our opportunities, and, in the end, opportunities are what we can really hope to have. Because with opportunities comes the employment and financial security afforded those who take the path less taken. So as this semester winds down, and yet another graduating class prepares to walk the path of so relatively few before them, take a moment to reflect on the significance of your achievements. You are gifted and special in many ways. Use your uniqueness and special place in life to bring calm, mature and professional guidance to those who would most benefit from it.

ProSTAR and all of the faculty of our many programs want to congratulate all of those who are graduating this semester. It is our pleasure to have served you, and we hope you stay connected to us as you pursue the many great opportunities your advanced knowledge will bring.

With our most sincerest regards,
Mitchell L. Springer, Ed.D., PMP, SPHR

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