French wins Lifetime Achievement Award for efforts to help Indiana businesses

Mark French (right) receives a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Purdue Manufacturing Extension Partnership in Carmel, Indiana. (Photo provided)

Purdue’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) recently awarded Mark French, a Polytechnic professor of mechanical engineering technology and renowned “Guitar Lab” instructor, with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his effect on Indiana businesses.

As reported by Julie Warner with MEP, French has been involved with Indiana business consultation practices for nearly a decade. They say that he has acted as the project manager on “over 115 different industry projects.”

The award was granted for French’s longstanding support of the Technical Assistance Program, which runs TAP40. TAP40 has many participating entities at Purdue (including both MEP and Purdue Polytechnic), and is designed to provide Indiana businesses with 40 hours a year of fee-free assistance and consultation.

French's award from Purdue MEP. (Photo provided)

“[French] has an impressive ability to connect with clients, understand their problems and provide solutions, all while making the process enjoyable,” John Drach, manager of the TAP40 program, said to MEP.

During a follow-up with Purdue Polytechnic, Drach also stated that the Lifetime Achievement Award is at least in part due to French completing “almost three times” as many projects as other TAP40 participants, with a probable impact on hundreds of jobs in the Indiana business community and a record of success stretching into the eight-figure mark.

“Through the guidance of Dr. French, Indiana companies gain access to an entire lab of results-focused faculty and graduate students in the engineering sector that provide hands-on solutions to organizations’ most intriguing problems whether it be a material issue, product validation complication, or more,” states Ranae Stewart, Senior Executive Director of Purdue MEP. “We know our clients are in the best hands and will see immediate, measurable results through Dr. French and his team. It is a well-deserved recognition, and we look forward to even more projects with him.”

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