Google News Lab University partnership to benefit transdisciplinary studies

Google News Lab University, a suite of digital tools and curriculum for journalism professors and students, will soon be utilized by Purdue Polytechnic's transdisciplinary studies in technology program as part of a new partnership with the Purdue Data Storytelling Network.

“Purdue’s faculty will utilize the latest data journalism and storytelling innovations for teaching and research," said Sorin Adam Matei, professor in Purdue’s Brian Lamb School of Communication, faculty fellow in Purdue Polytechnic's transdisciplinary studies program and director of the Purdue Data Storytelling Network. "The partnership helps our pedagogical efforts toward the idea of an education that is current, relevant, exciting and that prepares students for the labor marketplace."

The partnership will help develop tangible competencies through the integration of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and humanities and social science education. The transdisciplinary studies program, as Purdue's first to feature competency-based education, expects to benefit.

“This new partnership promises to integrate data with storytelling in ways that help develop competencies needed for the 21st century digital economy,” said Jeffrey Evans, Purdue Polytechnic's interim associate dean of undergraduate programs and learning innovation.

Read the full news release from Purdue News Service.

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