Graduate students honored for teaching excellence

Purdue's graduate students were honored April 23 at the 15th Annual Celebration of Graduate Teaching Excellence.

The Graduate School Excellence in Teaching Award is the highest honor Purdue gives to a graduate student. Selected students must show excellence in mentoring and teaching undergraduate and/or graduate students, and have proven leadership and accomplishments outside of the classroom in service and outreach as well as scholarly presentations and publications.

College of Technology recipients of the award were:

  • Andrew Kennedy, Computer Graphics Technology
  • Jennifer Kirschner, Aviation Technology
  • Sara Panahkhahi, Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Steven Schaffner, Building Construction and Management
  • Kevin Teng, Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology

In addition, two students earned the CIE Graduate Teaching Certificate: Cristina Arauco Escobar, Building Construction Management, and David Koelle, Building Construction Management.