Graduation Time is a Special Time

Spring is finally here!  I know because, if for no other reason, it is graduation time; and what a wonderful time graduation time is.  Each year we (ProSTAR) host an open house for the many graduating students and their families where we come together in the Purdue Memorial Union for food, drink and comradery.  It is a really exciting and joyful experience.  Each of the students are standing tall and most proud, as they should be.  The parents, spouses, significant others and their children are all there in support.  We laugh, we hug, everyone is smiling and in an almost childish manner giddy; it is truly an amazing experience to be part of.

Mitch Springer, Ph.D. During this time together, I open with a few congratulatory words, thanking our staff, the faculty, our support structures here on campus; and, there are many who are all critical to the success of each graduate.  I also take this time to acknowledge the hard emotional and physical toll graduating from a program like this takes on the student, the student’s significant other and even the children of the graduate.  I acknowledge the many evenings and weekends being locked into a room studying or writing papers; the many events missed with spouses and children.  It is not easy; but each persisted, idealizing that in the end, education and what each graduate worked so hard for, would pay off.

During my few minutes to speak, I share the following perspective on this great accomplishment. 

  • There are roughly 1,700 public universities in the U.S.  Purdue is ranked 20th.
  • There are roughly 4,140 public and private colleges and universities in the U.S.  Purdue is ranked 37th.
  • There are roughly 35,000 colleges and universities in the world.  Purdue is ranked 63rd.

As I am personally, I know each graduate is proud of his or her Purdue degree.  Each worked hard for it, it was not given, it was earned! 

In the final analysis, each graduate is not alone, and will never be alone again.  Each graduate is part of a proud and successful family; the Purdue family.  No matter where they go in the world they will be recognized as having a high quality education from a preeminent world-class university.

In closing, to each of those graduating, we offer our personal very best wishes for them personally and professionally as they turn the many pages in their book of life.  My final words to each is “Once a Boilermaker, always a Boilermaker; GO Purdue!!!!”

If you are thinking about your educational future, or know someone who is, feel free to give us a call.  We’d love to talk about the many educational opportunities available to professional working adult learners.  Professional career opportunities can be plentiful, with the proper planning and education.

Call us sometime. We’d love to hear from you!

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