How can firefighting robots impact Purdue, Lafayette area?

A new international partnership focused on robotics, particularly firefighting robots, could result in several benefits to Purdue University and the Lafayette-West Lafayette area.

Researchers in Purdue’s College of Technology announced a partnership with two Korean robotics companies and a Korean University Feb. 21. The entities are interested in conducting robotics research with Purdue’s Department of Computer and Information Technology. In addition, the Korean companies are exploring U.S.-based commercialization and manufacturing opportunities in the community.

The CEOs of DRB Fatec and Hoya Robotics, both Korean robotics companies, demonstrated their products at the Lafayette Fire Department’s training center Tuesday. Eric Matson, assistant professor of computer and information technology and director of the M2M Lab at Purdue, set up the demonstration after making connections with the Korean companies while working with officials at Kyung Hee University in Suwon, South Korea. View videos of the DFR1100 Firebot demonstration:

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