June is General Aviation Appreciation Month

Last month, Indiana Governor Mike Pence released a proclamation that June be recognized as General Aviation Appreciation month. When most of us think of aviation as an industry, we picture commercial airline (passenger) travel. But, general aviation (GA) is all civilian flying except scheduled passenger airlines. This includes everything from recreational and aerobatic flying to emergency medical transport services. How's that for a "Did You Know"?

More than 90 percent of the roughly 240,000 civil aircraft registered in the United States are general aviation aircraft. And of the nation’s approximately 625,000 pilots, an estimated 500,000 fly general aviation airplanes (from the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association).

General aviation brings billions (yes, that's a 'B') of dollars to the Indiana economy. So, go find a GA aircraft, or a pilot if you want something more organic, and give them a big high-five in appreciation!