Lohrman featured as Music Maker on "Five Students" site

Amy Lohrman, a senior in the Department of Computer and Information Technology, is being featured during December as one of Five Students at Purdue who are Music Makers. These students are as passionate about their music as they are about their studies. For them, life would not be the same without a hefty dose of melody in it. She balances her studies with her love of music. “I’d like to work as a systems analyst for a small company. I enjoy database work because it’s all about coming up with solutions for database problems. There aren’t many women in the field, but I chose Purdue’s program because of the great mentoring opportunities offered in the department," she said. "After I graduate, I plan to keeping playing music in my church, at any community service event I can, and anywhere else I find the opportunity. One of my goals is to never stop having music be a part of my life. Read Amy's story along with stories of the other four students.

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