Pathmaker program offers internship opportunities during semester

Miranda Lung at Wabash National.

Purdue University senior Miranda Lung admits to being surprised by how much she has been learning in her internship at Lafayette, Indiana-based Wabash National Corp. She is majoring in computer and information technology.

"I've been fortunate enough to learn about new, industry-leading tech every single day," Lung says. "By the end of my first week I had been trained in two in-demand technologies."

Lung, and her employer Wabash National, are the latest participants in the Purdue Pathmaker Internship Program that provides part-time internships for students on or near campus while they continue their studies.

Lung says she's gaining more experience from her internship than she had expected.

"My internship at Wabash National has helped prepare me for a career. It's put me in the pilot’s seat of real projects, things that people at the company are using," she says. "Because I’m driving the progress of a fresh project, my project management and communication skills have been improving."

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