Purdue Polytechnic student creates thermoelectric grill

Bryan Miller and his thermoelectric grill

After an accident with a conventional grill, Purdue Polytechnic Kokomo student Bryan Miller set out to invent a grill that would greatly reduce the risk of injury to him, his family and his property. Miller’s need-inspired project was completed as his senior design project in engineering technology at Purdue Polytechnic Kokomo. It also met the requirements for an entrepreneurial program launched by Purdue Polytechnic Institute Statewide to inspire and fund student innovations and startups across the state.

To make a better grill, Miller decided to use existing and safer thermoelectric designs using pellets, but he made improvements for portability and cooking temperatures. Prior to Miller’s invention, wood-fired (or pellet) grills would often need to be tethered to an electric outlet, limiting their portability. His new grill, which he has been successfully using for months, requires no external power supply; it uses thermoelectric power to generate energy and stores the energy in a rechargeable battery.

Miller received a Commercialization and Research Grant to help fund his project. “Every class contributed to something in this design,” he says. His invention, complete with a Purdue University look, is featured on the Statewide Innovation website.

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