Purdue professor encourages diversity in technology

Brandeis Marshall, an assistant professor in the department of Computer and Information Technology, participated in the planning of two conferences that took place in April 2012. Marshall was on the planning committee for the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathemics (STEM) Women of Color Conference that was held April 1-3 at Purdue University. She was also a co-organizer for the Broadening Participation in Data Mining (BPDM) Workshop that was held in Anaheim, Calif., April 27-28.

The STEM Women of Color Conference, directed toward women at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU), was supported by Purdue Advance, Purdue’s Diversity and Inclusion, and the National Science Foundation. The purpose of this conference was to assist in the professional development of participants from HBCUs. Marshall collaborated with Alejandra Magana, assistant professor in Computer and Information Technology, to present on how to continue post-conference ideas and efforts.

The BPDM Workshop was held in conjunction with the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics International Conference on Data Mining. The BPDM Workshop provided mentorships to under-represented groups, such as women, ethnic minorities and persons with disabilities, at the graduate level to foster successful careers in data mining.

Marshall joined the Purdue faculty in January 2007, after earning her masters and Ph.D in computer science from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Her research interests include information retrieval and data mining.

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