Rapp joins research institute’s science advisory council

Randy RappRandy Rapp, associate professor of construction management, has been named a member of the science advisory council in the Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI). The institute cited Rapp’s leadership as well as the commitment to teaching, learning, mentoring and research in disaster restoration and reconstruction by Purdue Polytechnic’s School of Construction Management Technology as reasons for asking Rapp to serve in CIRI.

“The science of disaster restoration and remediation is one of CIRI’s core competencies,” the institute said in a news release. “After Prof. Rapp and Major Christopher Baker, his recent Purdue student and doctoral degree recipient, jointly presented at CIRI’s 2019 science symposium about the use of drones for post-disaster damage assessment, CIRI’s leadership determined that it simply must have Rapp’s expertise on CIRI’s Science Advisory Council (SAC).”

CIRI, an independent, nonprofit, scientific, educational and research institute founded in 2005, focuses on improving cleaning and restoration outcomes and indoor environmental quality for all indoor environments.

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