Rench creates magic in his Disney technology role

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts is taking another step forward to evolve how guests experience Disney Parks, and College of Technology alumnus Scott Rench is leading the way. He and his team will use technology to make it easier than ever for guests to make the most of their Walt Disney World visit. Their goal? To create more magic by integrating a complex suite of new tools and technologies

A 1988 graduate of the computer technology program (now computer and information technology), Rench is senior manager of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts where he leads the New Technology Group.

“My team and I were involved from the very beginning of helping to brainstorm ideas and concepts of what this future state could be,” Rench said. “We conducted research and applied technologies that we thought could enhance the experience.  Additionally, we also developed working labs to demonstrate the new concepts to key stakeholders ranging from fellow Cast to vendors.”

This is just the latest project in Rench’s 22-year career at Disney. A summer job at Disney during his Purdue days hooked him for more experiences later. He joined the Disney Cast in 1991. He has worked as PC/LAN support and business systems analyst, and he led the team that implemented a new email system for more than 10,000 Walt Disney World email accounts.

In addition, Rench has managed production of The Walt Disney Company Shareholder Meetings and the inaugural D23 Expo for official Disney Fan Club members.

“My role is to bring the Disney IT network to these locations so that our executive team and event staff have a working experience as though they were at their office back at Disney,” Rench said. “This really allows them to focus on the tasks at hand.” The D23 event also included telephone and printing capabilities and point of sale devices.

None of these tasks can be completed by one person. Rench must lead and rely on his teams to achieve the Disney vision.

“At Purdue, we were always part of teams for our class projects.  This was critical in learning how to deal with team dynamics in the real world,” he said. “I’m inspired by working with a team and being part of an overall organization that strives for the best. I believe in always raising the bar and never settling for “that’s good enough”.”

Rench also is not one to rest on his past accomplishments. He continues to look for and explore new ideas to improve the Disney experience for their guests.

“If we do it right, no one will even know there was technology behind whatever it is he or she just did.  It will just be part of the magical experience,” he said.

(Photo: Scott Rench (CIT’88), senior manager, and Doreen Mitchell (CE’81), vice president of the Experience Development Program Management Organization, both focus on enhancing the guest experience at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. Photo credit Gene Duncan of Disney Photos.)