Stephens named 2011 aviation technology distinguished alumnus

James Stephens, Regional Deployment Manager, Transportation Security Administration Regional Deployment Manager, Transportation Security Administration

  • BS ’02, Purdue University

James Stephens’s work has been front page news over the past year. As regional deployment manager for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), he has coordinated the launch of more than 150 Advanced Image Technology Body Scanners at 31 airports across the country since late 2009. After earning his Purdue degree, Stephens quickly climbed the corporate ladder from security screener to program analyst. Using his knowledge of computers and database design, he created a model for professional development within TSA, a reporting system for X-ray machine data, and a system to streamline security checkpoint paperwork. As deployment manager, Stephens is in charge of all construction and deployment of new equipment at TSA checkpoints for 178 airports in 17 states. Stephens is passionate about his job and takes great pride in the fact that his team is employing equipment that will ensure safe and efficient travel within the United States. Stephens points to the work ethic of his father as integral to his career success, while his experience at the College of Technology gave him the technical understanding and management background to excel in the aviation industry. Stephens resides in Fairfax, Va., with his wife, Caitlin, and their two children. He enjoys coaching soccer and hiking with his wife in the mountains of Virginia.