Student pilots to represent Purdue in women’s air race

Pilot Tiffany Imhoff and co-pilot Nina Bouthier, both Professional Flight program majors at Purdue, will be representing the university among the field of teams in this year’s Air Race Classic. (Purdue University photo/ Christopher Konecnik)

Two teams will represent Purdue University in this year’s Air Race Classic, and one of the teams is comprised of students in Purdue Polytechnic’s School of Aviation and Transportation Technology. Tiffany Imhoff, a senior, and Nina Bouthier, a junior, are both majoring in professional flight.

All of the Purdue participants enjoy camaraderie on the ground. But once they take off, their competitive nature takes over.

“All the racing ladies are really fun and we’ll hang out with the other collegiate teams before the race,” said Imhoff. “But during the race, attitudes change a little bit because everyone wants to come out on top. But everyone still cares for safety, which is important.”

In a change from the primarily east-west and west-east routes of previous years, the 2019 Air Race Classic requires pilots to fly from Jackson, Tennessee, to Welland, Ontario, Canada.

“It’s another learning opportunity we get this year, going through customs and the border in a small airplane,” said Imhoff.

The Air Race Classic, the only women’s air race in the United States, takes place June 18-21.

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