Student startup plans to offer app that can detect concussions

Brightlamp LLC

Brightlamp LLC, a Purdue student-based startup, is working to become the first company to offer a downloadable app for public use that can detect concussions in real time. Jonathan Holt, an electrical engineering technology major, is co-founder and chief legal officer for the company. He will graduate in May 2017.

Brightlamp is working on an app they’ve named Collide, which flashes a light from a smart device into a subject’s eye and then measures the pupil’s dilation and constriction, which helps detect concussion. The app determines the eye’s pixels per-second rate through the use of the device’s camera in about five seconds. Collide could provide an answer to the possibility of a concussion in under 30 seconds.

Collide currently has a beta application, Hold said. Company officials plan to conduct tests with some Lafayette area high school football teams in 2017. They’re hoping to release the app to the public by the end of 2017.

Read the full news release from Purdue News Service.

About Brightlamp

Brightlamp, LLC is a computational medicine company that produces consumer ready software for medical diagnostics. Its mission is make the world medically mobile by reforming the way people interact with technology and their health.