Students build Gaga pit for local school

Students build gaga pit for local schoolGlen Acres Elementary School students in Lafayette, Indiana, will have a new sport to play during recess thanks to a group from Purdue University.

Students from the Department of Building Construction Management in the College of Technology spent the afternoon Oct. 2 building a Gaga dodge ball pit.

“We’re trying to do more of these things and get out into the community and build stuff,” Evan Elliott, a junior in the program, told the Lafayette Journal and Courier.

The game is a variant of dodge ball that is played with one ball in a large octagon or hexagon called a Gaga pit. It combines dodging, striking, running and jumping while hitting opponents with a ball below the knee.

Students in the Mechanical Contractors Association organization and the Building Construction Management Learning Community coordinated the project.

See local media coverage and learn more about the project:

(Photo from the Journal and Courier)