Summer programs offer information technology insights

High school teachers, counselors and students are invited to apply to SPIRIT, two summer programs that teach participants how to use information technology (IT) and software tools in useful and interesting ways.

Student participants will learn about the different ways IT benefits society. They will also explore career options as they work on design and development tasks. The SPIRIT student camp does not include housing, but arrangements can be made with the program director at modest cost. Dates for the student camp are July 16-20, 2012. Students who fulfill all program requirements earn a $250 stipend.

Teachers and counselors will use a tool that has been shown to engage students to help them enhance the delivery of classroom lessons or advising information. They will also explore the wide-ranging opportunities that exist for students who pursue IT careers. Teachers and counselors will be on campus for two weeks, July 9-20, 2012. Teachers and counselors who fulfill all program requirements earn a $1,000 stipend, educational credit and free housing.

The SPIRIT project celebrates the impact of information technology and seeks to rekindle enthusiasm for the field as a career choice among high school students, especially young women.

There is a small registration fee, and the registration deadline is June 1. To register and to find complete details, visit the SPIRIT Web site.