Researchers’ method for extending shelf life of N95 masks submitted for patent

Hersh Rai, a graduate student in Purdue Polytechnic’s Dept. of Computer and Information Technology, worked with Nicholas Toan-Nang Vu, a graduate student in mechanical engineering, and Eric Dietz, director of Purdue Homeland Security Institute and professor of computer and information technology, to redesign an N95 mask’s headband and the way it is attached. The new design can help overcome limitations that cause masks to become useless when their elastic headbands deteriorate during long-term storage.

Engineering Technology professor, students advance Biowall project with NASA data

Bill Hutzel, professor of mechanical engineering, and undergraduate Danielle LeClerc are continuing the School of Engineering Technology’s years-long Biowall research in clean, sustainable indoor air. LeClerc is incorporating data from NASA to determine which plants have the best air-cleaning performance.