“Future Work and Learning” research explores maximizing human potential in the workplace

Purdue Polytechnic faculty are collaborating to explore the intersection between learning and work within the context of technology, developing and applying new approaches to education and workforce training and development. Their research cluster has been titled “Future Work and Learning,” one of the college’s five new research impact areas.

Kilaz’s new Fuel Laboratory of Renewable Energy already making mark in interdisciplinary research

A knowledge gap in the development of alternative aviation fuels led to the creation of the Fuel Laboratory of Renewable Energy (FLORE), a new interdisciplinary research lab in Purdue’s Potter Engineering Center directed by Gozdem Kilaz, assistant professor of engineering technology.

Polytechnic professor, student develop program to increase high school students’ awareness and appreciation of manufacturing jobs

Greg Strimel, assistant professor of engineering/technology teacher education (ETTE), and William Walls, ETTE undergraduate, launched the Improving Regional Manufacturing Ecosystems (IRME) project to serve as a Purdue undergraduate research/engagement initiative specifically for pre-service teachers.

“Realizing the Digital Enterprise” research focuses on IT, real-world convergence

Purdue Polytechnic faculty with expertise in advanced materials, data visualization and analytics, design, health applications, manufacturing and processes, robotics and mechatronics, systems and networks, and sensors are engaged in research which has been titled “Realizing the Digital Enterprise,” one of the college’s five new research impact areas.

CGT professor’s dynamic visualizations aid coordination of Peruvian environmental study

Victor Chen, assistant professor of computer graphics technology, specializes in information visualization. He converts abstract data into images which are complex yet understandable. Each graphic Chen creates is as individual as its underlying data, with the resulting images resembling elegant, mechanical snowflakes.


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