TLI researchers win award for outstanding paper on human resource talent development

Mesut AkdereMesut Akdere, associate professor of human resource development (HRD) and director of Purdue HRD Virtual Lab, and Renu Dalal, a doctoral candidate in the Department of Technology Leadership & Innovation (TLI), won Emerald Publishing’s “Highly Commended” 2019 award for their co-authored article “Talent Development: Status Quo and Future Directions” published in Industrial and Commercial Training journal. The Emerald Literati Awards honor outstanding contributions of authors of scholarly research.

Akdere and Dalal’s co-authored paper reviews talent development literature, highlights talent development definitions, examines the fundamental role of talent development in organizations, and identifies gaps for future directions. The paper also identifies two levels of talent development practices—organizational level and individual level.

“This literature review is the first step toward my dissertation that will examine talent development and management practices in Indiana manufacturing companies,” said Dalal. “The entire publishing experience as a doctoral student is very rewarding.”

“Organizational talent development practices rapidly change as a result of technological advances in the workplace,” Akdere said. “This paper presents conceptual boundaries of talent development and identifies associated theoretical and practice gaps.”

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