Working with industry to solve problems

The Air Transport Institute for Environmental Sustainability (Air TIES) at the Purdue Airport brings together 39 faculty from four Purdue colleges to integrate alternative fuel expertise and research throughout the product lifecycle. “We are taking a systems approach to aviation fuel sustainability,” said David Stanley, co-director of Air TIES and associate professor of aviation technology. “From fuel feed stock, to testing, to production and distribution, we are working toward developing usable and practical products for the commercial and military arena.” To do that, the institute will draw on the expertise of faculty while working with industry partners to ensure their needs are being addressed. As tests and research are conducted by professors, graduate students and undergraduates, the directors realize the outcomes must be applicable to current needs. “The oil industry was built around oil; the infrastructure is already there. New fuels will have to fit seamlessly into what exists,” said Denver Lopp, co-director of Air TIES and professor of aviation technology. “Likewise, we are not designing new turbine engines. We have to design fuel to fit what is already being used.”