Purdue Polytechnic provided me with the determination and technical knowledge that helped me impress my employer. My professors believed in me, and I have been able to serve in groups such as the board of Women in Cybersecurity at Purdue in addition to becoming a published researcher.”
Apoorva Shrivastava
Cybersecurity '24
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Apoorva Shrivastava

Cybersecurity '24
Cyber Defense and Engineering Associate for PwC

Describe your potential job duties: 

I will be working with client companies to make sure their digital infrastructure is secure, as well as creating security documentation and auditing organizations for security guideline compliance. 

In what ways did the Polytechnic and/or Purdue help make you uniquely qualified for your new job? 

The Polytechnic provided me with skills including documentation, determination, and technical knowledge that helped me impress PwC. I was also able to work on the board of Women In Cybersecurity Purdue for three years. I have served the following positions: President, Vice President, council representative, and outreach. 

Who would you like to thank as you finish your time at Purdue and start your career? 

Professor Tatiana Ringenberg. She was one of many professors at Purdue Polytechnic who believed in me, and she nominated me for the RSA conference and mentored me through research and my independent study.  

If you had a favorite class, project, experience, or professor, what/who was it, and why? 

My favorite class was CNIT 242 because I met and bonded with my best friends through that class. I spent so many nights laughing with my friends when working on labs.