Chase Eggers

Chase Eggers
Construction Management Technology
Project Manager for Skanska

Chase Eggers enrolled at Purdue in the Undergraduate Studies Program (undecided major), but fortunately has an uncle in the construction industry who suggested he research the Building Construction Management (BCM) program now known as Construction Management Technology. Chase’s personal interests in the built environment – through his experiences with DIY projects like tree houses and zip lines, as well as summer jobs roofing and then flipping residential homes – made the BCM program a perfect fit.

Upon graduation, Chase had the opportunity to take on significant responsibility that fast-tracked his career from project engineer to senior project engineer, to assistant project manager and now project manager in just four years. Now in his eighth year with Skanska, Chase continues to take on hefty assignments with relish and has been able to work in multiple market sectors including K-12, healthcare, hospitality, mixed-use development and cultural projects.

Many of the projects Chase has managed have gone on to win industry awards for safety, quality, sustainability, community involvement and overall operational excellence. His passion for volunteerism and philanthropy have contributed not only to his professional development, but also to the communities in which he has worked.

When not on the jobsite, you can find Chase in a local K-12 classroom as part of the Architectural Foundation of Cincinnati’s Design LAB program, teaching students about the built environment. He also took the initiative to co-found Skanska’s Ohio Young Professionals Group, planning multiple social, professional/personal development, and community service opportunities for his colleagues.

Chase lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with his partner Sam and their pets Lola and Lucy.

This was originally written for the Early Career Alumni Awards in 2022.