Cory-Khoi Quang Nguyen, Ph.D.

Cory-Khoi Quang Nguyen, Ph.D.
BS '09, MS '11, PhD '14 in Computer and Information Technology
Director, Counter-Adversary Operations for Crowdstrike

Cory is currently the Director and head of R&D and Engineering for the OverWatch threat hunting business unit known as the Counter-Adversary Operations (CAO) for Crowdstrike. He currently holds 5 distinct patents both domestically and internationally related to Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity. He joined Crowdstrike after finishing his dissertation in 2014 and National Security work with the FBI.

In his spare time, he grows gourmet mushrooms and started a company with his family called Fungi House. He enjoys the arts, and dances competitively in both Ballroom Standard and American Smooth. He often travels as a landscape and portrait photographer, exploring both land and sea as an avid scuba diver.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Purdue in Computer & Information Technology specializing in Network Engineering in 2009. He proceeded to finish his Master of Science in Computer & Information Technology focusing on autonomous wireless robotic systems in 2011. Finally in 2014, he completed his dissertation in Cyber Security with a particular focus of simulation and the study of protecting cyber-physical systems also known as critical infrastructure systems. All 3 degrees were achieved at Purdue Polytechnic Institute.