I have gained a solid foundation in construction principles and project management at Purdue, primarily though hands-on labs and assignments. Just as one example: when I was a new college student, it was so exciting to build the Boiler Shed alongside other students who have since become lifelong friends.”
Johnny Kapustiak
Construction Management Technology '24
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Johnny Kapustiak

Construction Management Technology '24
Project Engineer for Clune Construction

Describe your potential job duties:  

As Project Engineer I will split my time between Project Management and Field Supervision. On the field side I will work directly for the superintendent to support site activities. 

In what ways did the Polytechnic and/or Purdue help make you uniquely qualified for your new job?  

Purdue Polytechnic gave me the technical knowledge and practical experience to be qualified for my job upon graduation. I have gained a solid foundation of construction principles and project management through hands-on projects and labs. I also obtained real-world industry experience through summer internships.  

Who would you like to thank as you finish your time at Purdue and start your career?  

I would like to thank Harley Barta for being an amazing resource for career counseling. I was greeted with an open door and a smile whenever I had a question. She gave me important advice that I will take with me as I begin my career.  

What specific classes helped prepare you for your new job?  

Construction Management 150 was my favorite class I have ever taken. Being new to college, having a hands-on class/lab that was new and intriguing made going to class exciting. 

If you had a favorite class, project, experience, or professor, what/who was it, and why?  

My favorite experience was taking a field trip to a local quarry where we witnessed a large scale blasting of rock. After the blast, we were bussed into the quarry where we watched the removal and preparation of materials to be used in concrete.