Josh Miller

Josh Miller
Mechanical Engineering Technology (SOET)

What made you decide to choose your specific major? 

I have always been fascinated by machines and how they work. I also enjoyed engineering classes in high school. I dream is to work for a monster jam team and help engineer monster trucks.  

What are a couple of your favorite things about your program of study? 

I like the engineering field of study without all theoretical studies. While you do learn the theory first, you then go to a lab and experience it hands on. 

What has been one of your favorite class projects? 

For TECH 120, I made a commercial for our solution. I really enjoyed brainstorming with the team and coming up with a fun commercial.  

What other activities are you involved in on campus? 

When I am not playing intermural basketball, flag football, and softball, I am skating with my friends, 


What do you know about your program of study now that you wish someone had told you when you were choosing a major? 

I wish I knew how versatile MET is when it comes to what industry you go into. I first choose aeronautical engineering technology but I di want to feel trapped in the aviation industry. 

What would be one piece of advice for prospective students or new Purdue students? 

Apply yourself and you will have the most fun you’ve ever had. Go to the corec and learn how to play cricket, make yourself go to 3 different club meetings the first couple weeks, make yourself go to a rush event, talk to everyone, set up study groups the first week, and have a good attitude. 

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