I was able to take classes within my major and outside of my major, making me very well-rounded and prepared in the field of technology. I was constantly challenged, but I learned something new every day.
Kelly Tucker
Web Programming and Design '21
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Kelly Tucker

Web Programming and Design '21
Solutions Engineering Analyst for Deloitte

What are you job duties?

Custom software development and consulting for the technology industry.

Who would you like to thank as you finish your time at Purdue and start your career?

Carlos Morales was very helpful in getting me up to speed in web programming. Heather Mayorga was the best source of guidance and she cared so much about my success all throughout my undergrad. 

What specific classes helped prepare you for your new job?

CGT 256 (UX Design Principles) and CGT 215 (Object-oriented Programming) were all very challenging but set me up for success. 

If you had a favorite class, project, experience, or professor, what/who was it, and why?

My favorite class project was my senior design project. I had the best group and it gave me experience working with individual client needs.