Mark Dinius

Mark Dinius
BS ’09, Computer Graphics Technology
Building Information Modeling (BIM) manager for Satterfield & Pontikes Construction

Mark Dinius chose the College of Technology at Purdue because the “practical, hands-on learning and experiences” were a match for his personality and professional goals. Nearly 10 years after graduation, Dinius says he was well- prepared to implement new, technology-driven processes and procedures in an ever-changing, multidisciplinary eld.

As a Building Information Modeling (BIM) manager for Satterfield & Pontikes Construction (S&P), Dinius oversees the implementation and usage of technology and data to drive better performance on construction projects. “ ere is a massive amount of data and information that can be derived from smart 3-D models. We’re using that BIM data to keep moving the architecture, engineering and construction industry forward, looking for new and improved processes and procedures to design and construct in safer, faster, smarter and more cost-effective ways.”

Dinius is currently living in Los Angeles leading S&P’s BIM team on a $1.9-billion contract with Delta Air Lines at Los Angeles International Airport. Despite the distance, he regularly keeps in touch with Clark Cory, associate professor of computer graphics technology. Dinius has given online distance workshops to Cory’s upperclass BIM students and attends Purdue’s Construction Management Technology career fair to help recruit more Polytechnic students into S&P’s BIM team.

“I’d like to continue my career with Satterfield & Pontikes Construction and help them continue to grow. I’d like to be part of their growth from a $500 million a year company to $1billion a year company,” Dinius says of his future plans. Dinius and fiancé, Alejandra, are excited to start their lives together and eventually relocate back to Houston.