I was always intimidated by statistics, but the faculty made it very approachable and I apply many of those concepts to my job. For the same reason, I also appreciated the focus on international relations—the study abroad trip with James Tanoos was an amazing experience I’ll always remember.”
Matt Koenig
Multidisciplinary Technology '24
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Matt Koenig

Multidisciplinary Technology '24
Engineer for Toyota

Describe your potential job duties  

New technology development, implementation, training, and documentation, project management, laser-welding. 

In what ways did the Polytechnic and/or Purdue help make you uniquely qualified for your new job?  

Classes dealing with TPM and The Toyota Way helped me expand on my existing knowledge of those subjects from working at a Toyota plant. The focus on international relations were helpful as we often deal with German, Japanese, and other nationalities when investigating new technology.  

Who would you like to thank as you finish your time at Purdue and start your career? 

James Tanoos was always an excellent teacher and quick to help in any way he could. I appreciated that he thought of us as his customer and would go out of his way to ensure our success. Also, my academic advisor Kristi Keller who made sure I got in all the correct classes and was quick to respond any time I had a question.  

If you had a favorite class, project, experience, or professor, what/who was it, and why?  

The Study Abroad trip to Europe with Dr. Tanoos was an amazing experience that I'll always remember. I made many new friends and got to experience cultures I never dreamed I'd be able to.