Diversity Within the Polytechnic

The Edge Effect, definitions:

1. In nature, the landscape where diverse ecosystems converge, resulting in new biological life-forms. 

2. In technology, the connection of people of diverse backgrounds and experiences, resulting in the most creative and innovative ideas and solutions.

The Importance of Diversity in STEM

To increase their ability to recognize and incorporate new ideas to solve today’s grand challenges, students at Purdue Polytechnic are highly encouraged to connect and collaborate with students of different backgrounds, experiences and knowledge bases.

If you have a love of technology, exceptional scholastic drive and a desire to make the world a better place, Purdue Polytechnic would like to be a step on your path to success. Apply today.


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Club Sports

Club Sports

At Purdue, you don’t need to be a full-time athlete to participate in sports. The Club Sports program offers dozens of sports teams, including co-ed and single-gender, to get your heart beating!

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Sorority and Cooperative Housing

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  Meet Our Alumni

Melody Birmingham-Byrd
"The work I've done over my career demonstrates that progress is in the making, and that boundaries can be removed when it comes to what women, African Americans or people who come from non-traditional backgrounds in their industry can do when they have the desire, tenacity, ability and are provided the opportunity."
Melody Birmingham-Byrd
Organizational Leadership
Lindsay Harper
"Tech 101, Women in Technology, shaped my college experience and gave me a support system where I could connect with others that were like me."
Lindsay Harper
Computer and Information Technology
Donzel Leggett Alumni Profile
"The top four reasons for my progress are an extremely supportive family, some fantastic mentors/advocates, aspirations to be the best and most balanced in all phases of my life, and being a values-based and principles-based leader."
Donzel Leggett
Industrial Technology
Phillip Kinnison
"As a high school student, I didn’t see university life in my future but that all changed when I learned about Purdue’s technical graphics major. It was a perfect fit for me. I was able to expand my areas of focus into interactive multimedia, animation and networking technology."
Phillip Kinnison
Computer Graphics Technology
Bradford Lang Alumni Profile
"I chose Purdue because of its top-notch aviation program and I continued to be impressed because of its challenging curriculum and supportive faculty. I fondly remember operating United Airlines DC-8 and American Airlines 727 simulators, which prepared me for the life of a pilot."
Bradford Lang
Professional Flight
Cory-Khoi Quang Nguyen
"My professional work in information technology reduces analysis fatigue and optimizes hunting experiences for our cyber threat hunters. The faster the cyber intrusion attempts are detected, the sooner they can be contained and stopped."
Cory-Khoi Quang Nguyen
Computer Information Technology