Polytechnic Live Q&A

Hello, future Techies, current Techies, and all friends of Purdue University’s Polytechnic Institute! Please join us during a LIVE BROADCAST on YouTube to get answers to your questions about Purdue Polytechnic, our majors, and our unique learning environment. Each Purdue Polytechnic Live Q&A broadcast features:

  • Discussion of specific topics by our faculty, staff, and/or students … and occasionally alumni and/or industry representatives
  • Answers to questions you submit via YouTube's live chat feature or sent in advance to techrecruit@purdue.edu (or a special address, when listed for specific broadcasts)

We hope to talk with you soon!

Dates, times & topics are subject to change.

How to Ask Questions While Watching Live

A chat function will be available on YouTube while the broadcast is live. To participate in the chat, you will have to create and log into a Google account, and then connect that account to YouTube. But don’t worry: you don’t have to submit any videos or do anything with that YouTube connection after the broadcast.

Upcoming Broadcasts

Boiler Gold Rush Polytechnic Welcome

August 20, 2021 • 2 p.m. (Eastern Time)

Let's get together virtually as new students at Purdue and in our college! Carrie Berger, interim dean of Purdue Polytechnic, will welcome you. We will discuss classroom etiquette and integrity, remaining healthy and safe during in-person classes and lab sessions, staying connected and getting support when you need it, getting involved in student organizations, and having fun as Polytechnic students. Our panelists will include Nathan Mentzer and Dawn Laux (professors), Lauren Lucas (academic advisor), and Toni Munguia, Ryne Kerchner and Cyndi Lynch (from our Office of Recruitment, Retention and Diversity — our "go-to team" for help when you need it). Also, student leaders Melanie Sperrazza (Women in Technology) and Faith Spencer (Minority Technology Association) will discuss the benefits of joining their student organizations.

Watch the broadcast on YouTube

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Future broadcasts will be listed here. Meanwhile, check out the many replays below!

Replays, sorted by topic

We’ve been broadcasting for several years! If we didn’t cover a specific topic in one broadcast, there’s a chance we talked about it previously. Here are links to archived YouTube broadcasts, sorted by topic.

Of course, the older the broadcast, the greater chance that some of the information presented might be out of date. Be sure to check for current information on our prospective students and current students pages — and contact the Polytechnic’s Office of Recruitment, Retention and Diversity with your questions.

For high school students interested in Purdue University’s Polytechnic Institute:

Everyone is welcome to watch any of these broadcasts, whether you’re a high school student thinking about your future or a senior who has applied and been admitted to Purdue. Broadcasts about our six academic schools/departments and their majors were originally aired for admitted students, but all prospective students are welcome to watch and learn more about the Polytechnic’s academics.

Aviation and Transportation Technology: March 2021April 2020

Computer and Information Technology: April 2021April 2020

Computer Graphics Technology: March 2021April 2020UX Design, March 2019

Construction Management Technology: March 2021May 2020

Engineering Technology: March 2021April 2020

Technology Leadership & Innovation: March 2021May 2020


Additional general broadcasts about Purdue University’s Polytechnic Institute:

Diversity & Inclusion / Minorities in the Polytechnic: April 2021February 2021May 2020

Women in Technology: February 2021May 2020

Academics in the Polytechnic: March 2020March 2019March 2018

Current Students Discuss Life at Purdue: April 2021April 2020April 2019April 2018April 2017

Why choose / What is Purdue Polytechnic? April 2018September 2017August 2017March 2017

Applying to Purdue Polytechnic: September 2017

For newly beginning Purdue students and current students in Polytechnic majors:

These broadcasts were especially for new and/or current Purdue students. High school students are also welcome to watch to gain insight about student life in Purdue Polytechnic.

Virtual STAR (Student Transition, Advising & Registration): June 2021June 2020

Boiler Gold Rush / Boiler Cold Rush Polytechnic Welcome: January 2021August 2020

Protect Purdue & Academic Adjustments for Fall 2020: July 2020

Replays Archive

We’ve been on the air since 2017! Our replays archive page will take you on a blast through our past. See the detailed list of all our previous broadcasts, in reverse-chronological order.