STEM Summer Session

STEM Summer Session

Begin your first year at Purdue with confidence!

Get acquainted with the Purdue campus, your Polytechnic professors and college advisors this summer before the August rush of students, classes and activities at STEM Summer Program. STEM Summer Session students usually achieve higher GPAs than the first-year class average!

At STEM Summer Session, you can:

  • Get a head start on college courses for credit!
  • Learn your way around Purdue’s campus at your own pace before the August rush of students.
  • Get to know your professors and college advisors.
  • Meet distinguished leaders of Purdue Polytechnic, including Dean Gary Bertoline, the head of the college!

    • Become acquainted with the college’s interesting departments and the exciting opportunities they hold, such as international travel opportunities in the Office of Globalization.
  • Make lifelong friends with the Purdue Polytechnic students and Early Start students in your classes!

This program is made possible by gifts from ArcelorMittalBoeingEli Lilly, Caterpillar, Duke Energy and John Deere.

Take two classes for college credit!

As a STEM Summer Session student, you can get a head start on completing your 120 hours of college credit by taking two 3-credit courses this summer.

Available courses: 

  • COM 11400 - Fundamentals of Speech Communication 
  • EAPS 10500 - The Planets
  • EDCI 28500 - Multiculturalism and Education (open to all students, but required for education-related majors)
  • EDPS 31500 - Collaborative Leadership: Listening (open to all students, but required for education-related majors)
  • ENGL 23800 - Introduction to Fiction 
  • HIST 15200 - United States Since 1877
  • MA 15800 - Precalculus - Functions and Trigonometry
  • MGMT 20000 - Introductory Accounting
  • PHIL 26000 - Philosophy and Law
  • POL 22300 - Introduction to Environmental Policy
  • PSY 12000 - Elementary Psychology
  • SCLA 10100 - Transformative Texts, Critical Thinking and Communication I: Antiquity to Modernity
  • SCLA 10200 - Transformative Texts, Critical Thinking And Communication II: Modern World
  • SOC 10000 - Introductory Sociology
  • SOC 22000 – Social Problems
  • TECH 12000 - Design Thinking in Technology (Polytechnic Institute students and Exploratory Studies only; Must be paired with COM 11400 or SCLA 10100 for all Polytechnic students)

Camp Dates

July 11 - August 13, 2021


Participants may check in on July 11 between 3 and 4 p.m. in Earhart Hall. Please allow ample travel time as the program will begin promptly at 4 p.m. Eastern Time.


Indiana residents: $3,981 total for two or three 3-credit courses (for a total of 6-9 credit hours).
Out-of-state residents: $8,591 total for two or three 3-credit courses (for a total of 6-9 credit hours).

Pricing includes a stay in a Purdue residence hall, meals in a campus dining hall and academic fees. Textbooks fees are additional and are not included.


A very limited number of scholarships are available to students who qualify!

Qualifying students from Indiana can receive a 100% discount off of $3,981 tuition.
Qualifying students from outside Indiana can save $2500 off of $8,591 tuition.


Apply NOW to take advantage of these significant tuition savings!

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If additional information is needed or you require an accommodation or special assistance due to a disability, email or call 765.494.4935.



Toni Munguia
Director of Recruitment, Retention and Diversity


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