Center for Design-Construction Integration

CDCI Center

The Center for Design-Construction Integration (CDCI) provides a trans-disciplinary structure for development of curriculum and courses across all areas in the built environment. CDCI is a place where disciplines merge and cross-pollinate through planning and research to enable faculty across multiple academic units to develop and deliver courses and programs that tackle the full breadth of educational challenges for design, construction, operation, rehabilitation as well as the end-of-life processes for built environments.

Responding to the shared societal concern for sustainable building design, construction, operation and response to functional obsolescence requires the creative interaction of professions from many educational backgrounds. To build on existing strengths across the Purdue University campus, the CDCI collaboration provides a unified context for innovation. The CDCI, as a collaboration of the Purdue Polytechnic Institute, the College of Agriculture, the College of Engineering, and the College of Liberal Arts, facilitates the growth of Purdue trans-disciplinary built environment education and research.

Current CDCI projects include:

(1) Introduction of a multidisciplinary Master of Science plan of study in Sustainable Construction Management through hybrid synchronous / asynchronous distance delivery.

(2) Research to assess student competencies needed to obtain construction industry support of a trans-disciplinary undergraduate degree in Design-Construction Integration.

(3) Work to establish global academic and industry relationships that will enable students of design, engineering, construction management and related study areas to participate in trans-disciplinary built environment exchange opportunities and internships.