Purdue Polytechnic welcomes 42 new faculty, staff

The Purdue Polytechnic Institute will begin the 2016-17 academic year with 42 new faculty and staff who have been hired over the past year. They include:


  • Marie Clifford, Manager Special Events & Alumni Relations
  • Danita Dolly, Assistant Director, Retention & Diversity
  • Payton Drake, Graphics Designer
  • Tamara Hare, Administrative Assistant
  • Julie LaGrange, Administrative Assistant
  • Mari Meunier, Account Clerk
  • Guillermo Morgado-Rodriguez, Secretary
  • Mary Ann Prah, Industry Engagement Coordinator
  • Mike Reckowsky, Director of Industry Engagement
  • Justin Seipel, Transdisciplinary Research Specialist
  • Ruth Simpson, Account Clerk
  • Diana Slucter, Account Clerk
  • Clara Smith, Senior Advisor for External Relations
  • Michael Smith, Transdisciplinary Learning Specialist
  • Mary Snyder, Business Manager
  • Carly Turow, Director of Industry Engagement

Aviation & Transportation Technology

  • Austin Armstrong, Continuing Lecturer
  • Jesse Elsner, Continuing Lecturer
  • Brian Kozak, Assistant Professor
  • Theresa Martin, Administrative Assistant

Computer and Information Technology

  • Nicole Hands, Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Joseph Kintzel, Continuing Lecturer
  • Ida Ngambecki, Assistant Professor

Construction Management Technology

  • Luciana Debs, Assistant Professor
  • Rachel Kelly, Academic Advisor
  • Mark Zimpfer, Clinical Assistant Professor

Engineering Technology

  • Fred Berry, Professor

Polytechnic High School

  • Scott Bess, Head of Schools
  • Susie Howard, Director of High School Initiatives


  • Carrie Clark, Operations Manager

Technology Leadership and Innovation

  • Scott Bartholomew, Assistant Professor
  • Ronald Erdei, Visiting Assistant Instructor
  • Michael Kirchner, Visiting Assistant Professor
  • James Russell, Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Gregg Strimel, Assistant Professor


  • Kristine Beck, Secretary - Anderson
  • Rashmi Deodeshmukh, Visiting Assistant Professor - Anderson
  • Jennifer Hacker, Secretary – Lafayette
  • Joseph Kintzel, Continuing Lecturer – Kokomo
  • Maher Shehadi, Assistant Professor – Kokomo
  • Joanna Tucker, Secretary – Columbus
  • Liu Yang, Assistant Professor – New Albany