Atlantis Concurrent MS Degree

Atlantis Concurrent 3 + 2 MS Degree

Earn Two Masters Degrees in Two Years!

This innovative partnership between the Purdue Polytechnic Institute, The Dublin Institute of Technology (DIDIT) and the The Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) offers you a range of educational opportunities, travel, and cultural experiences.

You will earn a master’s degree in technology from Purdue University, and you can choose a second degree from one of our European partners. You will study at all three institutions for at least one semester.

Why consider this program

This transatlantic program will provide you with experiences at three technology-oriented universities in the United States, Ireland, and Spain. By immersing yourself at each institution, you will be better prepared to work in an international context.

As you work toward two master's degrees within the varied academic offerings, you will have the opportunity to create a unique educational portfolio. The experience will include research and cross-cultural communication.

And because one of the campuses is in Spain, you also will have the opportunity to hone your Spanish language skills.