Expand your aviation financial management qualifications with an in-person graduate certificate program.

Aviation Financial Management Graduate Certificate

Graduate Certificate: Aviation Financial Management

For graduate students who wish to earn a separate certification in addition to the Master of Science degree in Aviation and Aerospace Management (MSAAM) delivered on campus, Purdue offers a four-course Aviation Financial Management Graduate Certificate. This certificate provides a strong foundation in principles of aviation financial management, and credits may be transferred to the master’s program. All courses for this certificate are delivered in person on Purdue’s main campus in West Lafayette, Indiana.

Students interested in applying for this certificate must apply to the certificate program through the Purdue Graduate School and upload all requested information on the application, even though the student may be enrolled in the MSAAM program already.

Students already admitted to the MSAAM program must also complete a Graduate School form (GS-Form 18) with the Graduate Coordinator.

For more details about the application, see how to apply here.

Learning objectives

  • Develop expert knowledge in finance, revenue management, asset management, leasing, trading and financial risks.
  • Utilize quantitative and qualitative tools to analyze financial data.
  • Improve business communication skills.


  • AT 54600 – Aviation Financial Instruments and Operations (3 Credit Hours)
  • AT 54700 – Airline Revenue Management (3 Credit Hours)
  • AT 54800 – Aircraft Asset Management (3 Credit Hours, prerequisite to AT 54900)
  • AT 54900 – Aircraft Leasing (3 Credit Hours)

Note: Course offerings are subject to change based on faculty discretion.
A student must receive a B or better in each of the four courses to earn the certificate. Courses are not allowed for the certificate where the grade received is B- or lower.