Construction Management Minor

The construction management minor will expose students in other disciplines to more in-depth construction management principles to better prepare individuals seeking employment in one of the many related professions in the built environment.  This minor will help to create basic understanding of daily construction operations at the project and corporate levels.


  • Students must be in good academic standing for consideration of being admitted into the BCM Minor.  This is a limited-access program based on available seats for enrollment.  The school of Construction Management Technology will review the enrollment numbers each semester to determine the availability for further admissions into the minor. 
  • Any students admitted to the BCM minor are subject to all current C.O.D.O. requirements if they desire to obtain full admissions into the bachelor’s degree program.
  • Students are not allowed to take more than 21 credits of BCM coursework while enrolled in the BCM minor.
  • Students must earn a minimum “C” in all BCM courses

Required courses

  • BCM 10001, Introduction to Construction 
  • BCM 17500,  Construction Materials and Methods (pre-requisite: BCM 10001 and concurrent prerequisite of MA15800)
  • BCM 27500 Construction Plans and Measurements (pre-requisite: BCM  17501  and CGT 164)
  • Additional six (6) hours of BCM selectives

Print the BCM minor application