Construction Management Technology Degree in Three Years

Construction Management degree in three

Thanks to the immediate need for construction management professionals with 21st-century technology expertise, demand for graduates of our construction management technology (CMT) program has never been higher!

If you are highly motivated, organized and resilient, you can earn your Purdue CMT degree in three years with the Polytechnic’s time-compressed CMT program. This Degree in 3 program is especially fitting for proactive, academically involved CMT students with advanced placement (AP) credits because you’ll enter the program with class credit, ready to hit the ground running.

A blueprint for success

  • We supply real-world classes taught by construction company owners and other experts in the built environment.
  • Our advisors guide you along your personalized path of classes.
  • You personalize your CMT Degree in 3 experience with your own plan of study.

    • You bring your professionalism and drive for success.
    • You pursue 800 hours of summer internship in architecture, engineering and/or construction industries.
    • You can expect your semesters to vary from 6 credits during summer to 19 credits during spring and fall semesters.

Reality check

The CMT Degree in 3 program is not for everyone, but if you have the ambition to acquire your own internships and the drive to succeed, the program might be for you. To learn more about the CMT Degree in 3, see your advisor.