Plan of Study

Areas of Focus

University Core Requirements

The core foundation of your Purdue experience.

Global Consciousness

To be successful in today’s world, students need to think globally.


Learn how to lead teams or start your own company.


To design for people, you need to understand how they think, feel, perceive, and act.


Your ideas are only as good as your ability to communicate them.

Technical Electives

Programming skills are an excellent asset, and can make you more desirable to potential employers.

Free Electives

More programming skills are always helpful ;).

PLEASE NOTE: The Plan of Study on this page is presented for general information only. For exact personal plans of study, each student must see his or her academic advisor and the university catalog. Plans of study may change often, while the plan of study received upon entry remains the same for that entering student.

This sample plan of study is from the fall 2015 academic year.

Semester 1

Number Name CR
CGT 10101 Foundations Of Computer Graphics Technology 2
CGT 11800 Fundamentals Of Imaging Technology 3
TECH 12000 Design Thinking in Technology 3
Selective English Selective 3
MA 15800 Precalculus - Functions And Trigonometry 3

Semester 2

CGT 17207 CGT Experience Studio I 3
CGT 17208 HCDD Studio 1 3
COM 11400 Fundamentals Of Speech Communication 3
MA 16010 Applied Calculus I 3
PHIL 11400 Global Moral Issues 3

Semester 3

CGT 27207 CGT Experience Studio II 3
Selective CGT 20000 Level Selective 3
PHYS 21800 General Physics 4
Elective Free Elective 3
PSY 12000 Elementary Psychology 3

Semester 4

ENTR 20000 Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Innovation 3
Selective Science Foundational Selective Core 3
Elective Humanities Elective 3
Elective Technical Elective 3
Elective Free Elective 3

Semester 5

CGT 37207 CGT Experience Studio III 3
Selective CGT 30000 Level Selective 3
Elective Humanities Elective 3
Selective Psychology Selective 3
Elective Free Elective 3

Semester 6

ENTR 31000 Marketing and Management for New Ventures 3
COM 31400 Advanced Presentational Speaking 3
ENGL 42000 Business Writing 3
CGT 30900 Internship In Computer Graphics Technology 3
Elective Free Elective 3

Semester 7

CGT 47107 CGT Capstone I 3
ENTR 48000 Entrepreneurship Capstone 3
ENGL 42100 Technical Writing 3
Selective CGT Globalization Selective 3
Elective Technical Elective 3

Semester 8

CGT 47207 CGT Capstone II 6
Elective Technical Elective 3
Elective Technical Elective 3
Elective Free Elective 3