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"This program will provide professionals with the knowledge required to succeed in the identity management and biometrics industry." --- Dr. Stephen Elliott (Director, International Center for Biometric Research)

Manage your way to a better career

The Master of Science with a concentration in Biometrics program has been realigned to meet the industry/business requirements in the dynamic field of biometrics.   Purdue faculty, led by Dr. Steve Elliott, have worked with biometrics businesses and technical societies to define the competencies that employers are looking for in biometrics hires.  The normal “course work” has been realigned so that graduating students can show they have attained the competencies the various biometrics industry require.  

In addition, in this new curriculum, the student does a self-evaluation in an 8 week introductory course and works with the faculty to establish the areas of study that match the student’s entry knowledge and career goals.  This exercise will define the various competencies the student needs to attain during the MS program and their plan of study.  Research opportunities also exist for special areas of interest.  In short, this program is designed around the customer (student & employer) and provides a great match for graduates and companies.

As the student defines their needs, the competencies will be selected to meet those needs and equate to a 33 credit hour degree that is delivered 100% on-line: the student never has to come to the Purdue campus.  The competencies are delivered in a rolling format that provides the flexibility of obtaining the MS degree at your pace and allowing you to maintain the priorities of family and career.   In addition the competency lectures are delivered on-line and can be watched at any time.  There are not set times for courses, chat sessions, or call-ins.  You have the freedom to do the work on your own schedule.

Sample course topics

  • Biometric techniques and applications
  • Statistics
  • Biometrics in the business environment
  • Biometrics ethics, policy and law
  • Biometrics performance
  • Test protocol design
  • Human Factors
  • Project Management

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