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We offer innovative, engaging, and high-quality online programs to help prepare you for the challenges that define the technology industry today. Whether you are looking to earn an online certification in an in-demand area like data analytics, or you want to distinguish yourself with an online master’s or doctoral degree – Purdue Polytechnic Institute is here to help you on your persistent pursuit of greatness.

Purdue is ranked #2 for Best Master's Degrees in Information Technology
Purdue is ranked #4 for US colleges that pay off the most by CNBC.
Purdue is ranked #3 in Top Online Colleges by Newsweek.
Purdue is ranked in the top 10 by US News for the most innovative schools in the US.


Purdue Online Testimonial

Richard Ashbrook

Doctor of Technology Student

“At Purdue, I really felt like my [professional] experience was an asset. They were open to all kinds of students from different professional backgrounds and at different points in their careers.”

Purdue Online Testimonial

Carley Hartquist

Master of Science in Construction Management Alumna

“This program allowed us to explore the reality of what it’s like to be on the job, and we got to hear so many different experiences – both from other students and from the professors, who were all industry professionals themselves.”

Purdue Online Testimonial

Barento Abdushekur

Master of Science in Computer and Information Technology alumnus

“One year ago I felt completely unprepared to run a business, and now all of that has changed. Going to Purdue ended up being one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

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