Online Degrees

This is a list of all online degrees offered by the Purdue Polytechnic Institute.

With business and technical expertise, bridge the business and IT functions of an organization to ensure success of initiatives.

This new graduate certificate in the Purdue Polytechnic Institute is designed to provide professionals graduate-level education in the important aspects of biotechnology innovation within the context of regulatory compliance and quality assurance.  The graduate certificate is a nice compliment to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

The BQRC certificate consists of four courses and can be earned in four semesters upon successful completion of the required coursework.  Participants take one course per semester in this part-time program.

"This program will provide professionals with the knowledge required to succeed in the identity management and biometrics industry."

Manage your way to a better career

Learn tools and techniques you can apply to every phase of the project life cycle. ProSTAR’s MS in Computer and Information Technology with an area of interest in IT Project Management features material included in the Body of Knowledge developed by the Project Management Institute—including requirements discovery and management, schedule development and management, portfolio management, and management of outsourced resources.

Set yourself apart in the construction industry:

  • A superior credential: a graduate degree from an institution with global recognition and impact.
  • Highly relevant, timely instruction from construction industry and academic leaders.
  • Advance with a cohort experienced, motivated peer group for mutual support, team exercises, and enhanced learning.

If you’re looking to advance within the challenging, specialized world of aviation, Purdue’s MS in Aviation and Aerospace Management will help you develop essential leadership skills. Taught by professors with distinguished educational backgrounds and work experience in civilian aviation, military aviation and governmental roles, our industry-specific courses will prepare you for numerous aviation management roles.