Concentration in STEM Education Leadership

What is a PhD in Technology?

Stem Education

Your coursework draws from multiple departments that are at the frontier of research in a wide array of advanced technologies.  Whether you seek a future as an academic scholar or an advanced leader or researcher in the public and private sectors, this degree provides an ideal pathway to a career.  A Ph.D. is a clear symbol of capabilities in research and scholarship, deep knowledge of a discipline, and proficiency in analytical and communication skills.

What is the STEM Education Leadership Concentration?

Program Objectives

This PhD in Technology Concentration focuses specifically on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) integration through design, leadership, and research. Graduates of the STEM Education Leadership program will be prepared to become leaders in integrated STEM in a variety of positions including university professors, K-12 teachers, policymakers, administrators, informal learning specialists, and others. A central theme of our program is preparing graduate students to use and conduct research that informs practice. Through our vibrant and robust graduate program, the research production around integrated STEM will address crucial needs across the country.

What distinguishes Purdue’s program is that it is located at a premier research-intensive university, and this program has a specific focus on integration through design, leadership, and research. The program brings together a dynamic set of elements that establishes Purdue University as leaders in STEM education. Graduate students will get the opportunity to engage in a vibrant and robust research program.

Faculty Involved

Plan of Study Details

Admission Criteria

How to Apply

  • Select a PhD in Technology
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