The following table shows the critical milestones of doctoral degree requirements. Most student who are on the master's plus Ph.D. (they have an M.S. degree when they start the program) complete the degree in four to five years. Direct to Ph.D. students (those entering the program with a bachelor's degree) complete the degree in five to eight years. Note that only direct to Ph.D. students have to complete the qualifying examination in the third semester.


Polytechnic Ph.D. Timetable


Semester End of the 1st End of the 2nd Third Semester (April or November) Next to Last (or Last) Semester of Coursework Last Semester (or Semester Following Completion) of Coursework At least three academic sessions devoted to research and writing must elapse between the preliminary and final Ph.D. examinations *
Coursework TECH 601 Completed TECH 646 Completed     Complete TECH 699 (1-3 cr.) Complete remaining TECH 699 credits (14-12 cr.)
Advisor/ Committee Work with advisor on research area and possible committee members Establish committee (3 people) Complete Qualifying Examination Complete Preliminary Examination

Establish committee (4 people)


Schedule/attend Dissertation proposal defense

Schedule/attend dissertation defense meeting
Electronic Plan of Study Create/File draft EPOS File Official EPOS   File EPOS Changes (as necessary File EPOS Changes (as necessary)  
Dissertation Begin considering research idea/area       Dissertation Proposal Defense (Chapters 1-3 complete)

Polytechnic Thesis Advising Appt.

Final Dissertation Defense

GS Thesis Deposit Appt.

Polytechnic Thesis Deposit (e-Pubs)

Committee Deposit

Graduation requirements **          

Polytechnic Pulication requirement

Polytechnic Exit Survey

GS Exit Survey

Survey of Earned Doctorate

Order Cap and Gown

Attend Graduation

 * Summer counts as an academic session (e.e., if preliminary examination is completed in May 2016, then earliest final defense May, 2017)

** See the Polytechnic Ph.D. Student Handbook for more information as well as required forms.