Smart Manufacturing Enterprise Certificate (Online)

The Smart Manufacturing Enterprise Graduate Certificate provides manufacturing industry professionals the opportunity to improve their knowledge and understanding of Industry 4.0, the organizational transformation being driven, and the evolution of the Digital Enterprise.

The Smart Manufacturing Enterprise Graduate Certificate program focuses on competencies that are critical to succeeding in a connected/networked, cross-functional and cross-cultural world.

Participants of all professional disciplines in the manufacturing organization will be able to become better equipped to lead and support transformation within their companies and prepared to advance their careers to roles that require advanced leadership skills and enterprise understanding.

As a Smart Manufacturing Enterprise professional and leader, it is important that you develop an understanding of the underlying applied technologies and their implications on business processes and the organization. Your understanding of practices, techniques, organizations, methods and technologies will help you better lead within your own discipline as well as in the collaborative, cross discipline environment of the smart manufacturing enterprise.

Upon completion of the Smart Manufacturing Enterprise Graduate Certificate students will:

  1. Have an understanding of Industry 4.0 and the associated enabling technologies including integrated systems, data collection and networks, analytics and intelligence, and human – machine interaction.
  2. Know how the Industry 4.0 enabling technologies support the digitization and integration of multiple business processes across the organization from new product development; supply chain and logistics; manufacturing; and aftermarket services.
  3. Be able to demonstrate how investments in Industry 4.0 projects can generate new business opportunities and improved productivity contributing to the overall company financial performance.
  4. Identify organizational development needs in the areas of structure and management thinking, and building a digital culture and necessary skills, to succeed in the Industry 4.0 transformation.

Professional disciplines who will benefit from this program:

  • Operational Area Professionals:

    • Plant Engineering, Supply Chain, Production Planning, Directors/Managers
  • Subject Matter Professionals:

    • Engineering, Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, Finance Director/Managers
  • Professionals seeking to broaden their base of knowledge to support a future in General Management

Credit-Hours Transferable to Master of Science Degree

For students who are interested in transferring these completed credit’s to a master's degree, please contact our office.