Plan of Study

The Smart Manufacturing Enterprise Graduate Certificate is 100% online, which gives you the flexibility to complete the certificate from anywhere in the world, choosing times for class work and study that fit your lifestyle. This 13-14 credit-hour certificate can be completed in just three semesters. The length of the courses are 16 weeks each fall and spring and 12 weeks during the summer.

The graduate certificate consists of a series of 4 module-based courses, complemented with an independent employer based project. The Employer Based Project allows the student to integrate the topics from the various courses while completing all requirements remotely.


  1. MFET 55700 - Exploring the Applied Technologies - 3 credit-hours

  2. CGT 56400 - Business Processes and Digital Tools for Smart Manufacturing - 3 credit-hours

  3. TECH 5XX00 - New Opportunities for Growth, Productivity, and Financial Performance - 3 credit-hours

  4. TLI 5XXXX - Organizational Behavior and Leadership in the Digital Enterprise - 3 credit-hours

  5. TECH 5XXXX - Company Sponsored Project - 1 or 2 credit-hours