Diversity Committee

Technology Diversity Committee

The Technology Diversity Committee (TDC) is a committee of the Purdue Polytechnic Institute that promotes a culture of equity, inclusion and advocacy in all the college’s activities and endeavors. The Technology Diversity Committee focuses on strategic planning and college-wide diversity activities related to climate, personnel, students and curriculum. Members of the committee may also serve as liaisons to university level committees as directed by the Dean.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Technology Diversity Committee is to provide the leadership necessary to ensure that all people are valued and respected within the Purdue Polytechnic as evidenced by attitude, policies and procedures.

Vision Statement

The vision for the TDC is to ensure a welcoming climate and curriculum for all students, faculty and staff in the college. Recruiting and retaining a diverse student, faculty and staff population is a key priority.


The goal of the TDC is to assist the Purdue Polytechnic in meeting its objectives in the area of diversity:

  • Increase awareness of diversity issues among students, faculty and staff in the Purdue Polytechnic.
  • Change behaviors related to diversity issues among students, faculty and staff in the Purdue Polytechnic.
  • Recruit and retain diverse populations of students.
  • Recruit and retain diverse populations of faculty and staff.
  • Provide administrative structures that continue to support the diversity activities within the Purdue Polytechnic.


Members of the TDC are appointed by the dean. Term of service is three years and members may serve multiple terms. The committee is chaired a faculty senator and co-chaired by the Purdue Polytechnic Director for Diversity. Selection of the faculty chair is by appointment of the dean and must be a member of the college senate. Composition of the committee includes:

  • Purdue Polytechnic Director of Diversity (co-chair)
  • 9 faculty (with all academic units represented by at least one faculty)
  • 4 staff members (with representation from clerical, technical, A/P, and M/P)
  • 2 student organization representatives
  • 1 graduate student representative
  • 1 Office of Communications representative


For the list of current Diversity Coordinator Committee members, see the Faculty and Staff Committees list.